Our DNA (manifesto)

We are an organization that develops transforming experiences.  For 20 years, we have offered specially designed programs based on age, abilities and capabilities in order to provide life experiences that boost personal development, leading abilities, outdoors skills and empathy amongst boys, girls, youngsters and local communities in our country.

We believe that learning from actual living experience that confronts real live as it  provides meaningful tools that will go beyond time and will be useful through life span. 

We search that participants confront real and unique situations through our programs so that they can live life as it is.

We trust that it is possible to make mistakes because they provide the field for learning and the door to new horizons.

We offer:
Discovering and learning through experience.
   - Mind and body challenging experiences
   - Fascinating scenarios to ubdergo growing experiences

We promote:
   - A supportive environment
   - Highly trained staff to ensure mental, physical and emotional safety
   - Safe programs.