Our philosophy on safety

In Bluefields we handle security in preventive manner and we cover it based on three main aspects, physical security, emotional security and robust support teams.

Preventative Safety
Our staff in the field is trained and explores places in advance in order to handle possible risks preventively. Our staff in Bogotá is in permanent monitoring with state, city and national entities in order to foresee possible situations that might attempt against expedition’s safety.
Active Safety
Many years work based on real live experiences allow us to know proper conditions and local infrastructure.This brings us the serenity of being an organization with criteria that has been thoroughly evaluated in order to take right decisions in critical situations.
Physical Safety
We manage physical security in preventive manner, we visit and get to know destinations, local suppliers, programs and B plans in advance. We constantly monitor areas where we expect to be, in order to be aware of any alteration or change in scenery that can evolve into any type of physical thread to the group. Bluefilds’ team in Bogotá is available around the clock to support any unexpected event that might arise in the camp.
Our staff is trained every year in Emergency Management on Rough Terrain *, thus providing immediate and professional response in medical emergencies, evacuation or whatever risk scenery that might arise.  
* M.E.T.A. (Spanish acronym for Emergency Management on Rough Terrain) is a 80 hours training course on:
  • Novelization and evacuation on hard access terrain.
  • Altitude rescue
  • Rescue in dammed and flowing waters
  • First, second and third degree burns management
  • Snake related accident
  • Injection management
Emotional safety
Our staff is trained in group management, process facilitation, experiential education and conflict resolution. Besides working with attitude in a committed way from their own personal and human SELF, they bring to the table their live history and personal experience for an authentic knowledge building process.