Focal point of experimental theory is kid’s experience” 
(Posner, 2005, p.51).
Hidden curricula or ... “forgotten?”
In Bluefields we acknowledge that there is a formal curricula at schools as well as a hidden one;  our DNA focuses in the one that is hidden, that has to do with interpersonal and intrapersonal aspects that arise in relationships among peers and between teachers and students.  Although programs are a good opportunity to experience academic related issues, our experiences are focused on personal relationships that are lived within the program. 
Each one lives his/her own process
In Bluefields we believe that all individuals learn through experience and that this is at its time lived from the approach of ideas, believes and values that are particular  to each person.  This is why we acknowledge every person’s single and own value; “curricula is more or less similar to living process and to the fact that there are not two individuals that could or should live exactly the same live” Posner (2005).